The best Resort in sajek valley & hotel Tour Package ultimate guideline

One of the best tourist destinations is the best sajek valley resort & hotel. Sajek valley is located in Rangamati District’s Sajek Union, Baghachori Upazila.

The valley is situated among the hill of the Kasalong range & The valley is 1,800 feet from above the sea level.

The name of Sajek Valley came from the Sajek River that was creat from the Karnafuli river that follows as a border between Bangladesh and India.

sajek valley from the border of Bangladesh and Mizoram in India is 8 kilometres. Sajek valley is known for its natural environment and is surrounded by mountains, thick forests, and grasslands hill roads.

The rainy season is the best time to travel sajek . for the most part from the beginning of June to the end of October is the best time to travel sajek . There is are helipad in Sajek valley. From the helipad one get a natural view of the whole Sajek valley.

Many tribes live in the Sazek Valley. Of these, Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Sigma are notable. In the early hours of the morning, there are different kinds of vegetables, fruits, fish available in the market.

The morning sunset from the sajek hills

if you want to watch the sunrise from the cloud then you obviously get up early in the morning. from the end of the night, when in the morning lights start getting out from the clouds you can feel the heavenly experience.

then you see the white clouds will seem and slowly with the increase of morning lights, the clouds will slowly become white. after the morning sunrise, there all hills look like clouds and heavenly. now you just need to close your eyes take a long breath & keep calm to feel the whole scenario.

sajek in at a glance:

sajek valley

The Journey to Paradise:

Sajek is located in the green hills of the Kasalong range of mountains at an interval of the serene and exotic beauty of nature. You will notice rocky mountains, dense forest, sprawling grasslands and miles and miles of hilly tracks.

On the way you will cross Mayni Range, River Mayni and River Kasalong where you will feel the green and blue harmonized together. The ups and downs of the road will make a feel like a roller coaster.

What you can see in Sajek?:

When you reach Resort in Sajek Valley, you will find yourself two thousand feet above sea level. The small village on the mountain is full of exotic beauties with an eco-friendly environment.

Mountains covered with lush green trees, a cold atmosphere, fresh air, beautiful valleys with hugging clouds will generate feelings of happiness. You can also enjoy both sunrise and sunset from sajek. Be sure that it is an unseen beauty of your experience.

Accommodation in Sajek:

The resort in sajek valley we have two beautiful and mind-blowing resorts named “SAJEK RESORT’’ and “RUNMOY RESORT”.

These resorts can accommodate nine families. We promise to provide you with exclusive facilities in the most remote area of the country. Besides, local motels are also available at Sajek and many are upcoming.


All the resorts in sajek valley have inbuilt restaurants. Your breakfast is included with the tariff. Other meals can be arranged based on your demand. Besides, you can also have food in public restaurants. The club can arrange your parties with pre intimation.

Rui Lui Para

Rui Lui area isn’t that big. There are several monuments and tourist sites that you can explore. You need to buy tickets to enter them. The ticket price is 20-30 taka per person.

The roads in Rui Lui para are well-organized and clean. There are restaurants and cottages on both sides. The helipad and several hills are located within a few minutes walking distance far away.

Cheap And Best best resort and hotel in sajek valley

Best Resorts And Hotels In Sajek Valley

Rummy Resort, Dighinala: Double bedroom rent 6000-6500 and couple bedroom rent 4000-5000 Best quality room. contact no: +880 1783-969200

Megh kabbo Resort: Double bedroom rent 4000-5000 and couple bedroom rent 2500-3000 Best quality room. contact no: 01860452766, 01859759377, bkash no: +8801852292688

Himachal Resort: Double bedroom rent 4000-5000 and couple bedroom rent 2500-3000 Best quality room. contact no:01811354733,manager 01852038892, bkash no: +8801815620001

Sajek Valley Resort, Dighinala: Contact no: 01769-302370

Runmoy Resort and Dighinala: Double bedroom rent 6000-6500 and couple bedroom rent 4000-5000 Best quality room. contact no: +880 1783-969200

Pusporaz Resort: Double bedroom rent 4000-5000 and couple bedroom rent 3000-3500 Best quality room. contact no: +8801877122453

Garba Resort: Double bedroom rent 5000-5500 and couple bedroom rent 2500-3500 Best quality room. contact no: best 01858114727, bkash no: +88001820165568

Himachal Resort: Double bedroom rent 4000-5000 and couple bedroom rent 2500-3000 Best quality room. contact no:01811354733,manager 01852038892, bkash no: +8801815620001

best resort in sajek valley

When to Go sajek

The Sazek’s look does not truly comparable. Throughout the year, Sajek wears brightly coloured clothing. You may visit Sazek at any time of year. Clouds dance near Sazek during the monsoon, autumn, and autumn. So now is the greatest time to visit Sazek.

How to Go from Dhaka to Khagrachhari 

Hanif Enterprise: Ticket Price around 1100 taka. Panthapath counter: 01730376341, Khagrachhari counter: 01613185591, 01820704380 AC/Non-Ac

Saint Martin Paribahan: Ticket price around 900 taka. Contact: Arambagh counter: 01762691340 AC/Non-Ac

shamoly Paribahan: Ticket price around 1000 taka. Kalyanpur Counter
Phone: 02-9003331, 02-8034275, 02-8360241, 02-8091162. AC/Non-Ac

Start Journey at 10:00 PM from Dhaka any bus counter to khagrachori Ac or Non AC Bus it’s your choice. After coming to Khagrachhari Check in Hotel, Refresh and take Breakfast a few minutes.

After Breakfast visits some spot of khagrachori – rushing fall, aulia tila Cave, shank temple, hanging bridge. then you will go from khagrachori to sapla sottor.

How to Go from Dhaka to Khagrachhari 

After lunch Start journey to resort in sajek valley from there sapla sottor to go to by a CNG, MAHENDRA, CHANDER GARI. from sajke zero points to konglak Pahar 2 km. after reached sajek valley hotel &resort then Any go-to hotel, refresh and enjoy a few free time at your approach.

Take dinner and overnight remain at the hotel. then you can go konglak Pahar height safely and enjoy your dream natural environment.

Additional Information bring some equepment

  1. bag 2. towels 3. umbrella 4. water bottle 5. soap, toothpaste, shampoo 6. sneakers 7. Camera + battery + charger+headphone 8) Polythene 9. Sunglasses 10. Tissue 11. Personal Drug 12. lotion 13. body spray

Sajek Travel Tips & Safety warning

  • Even though the solar system takes longer to charge, there is no electricity in Sajek. It’s not even available. You may bring a Power Bank with you.
  • Only the Robi, Airtel, and Teletalk networks are available in Sajek.
  • The way to Sazek is quite steep and dangerous, thus this approach is not recommended. Take care not to zip around.
  • There is no need for guides to visit Sazek.
  • Obtain permission to photograph indigenous peoples. Take no photographs without permission.
  • Aboriginal people are easygoing, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect for their traditions.
  • To avoid problems during the holidays, book a room at least a month in advance. Keep.
  • There are security forces camps along the road. Members who are traveling must submit some information. Assist them in order for them to be safe. Keep a copy of your national identity card with you at all times.
  • If you do not leave the automobile for at least two or three hours,

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