Dhaka to cox’s Bazar bus ticket price and Bus schedules for 2022

For anyone planning a trip between these two cities, a bus schedule from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is essential. As a result, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need about Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus service and Ticket Price for your convenience. Many individuals are familiar with Cox’s Bazar. As a result, it has the longest seashore in the world.

As a result, people from all over the country visit Cox’s Bazar on a regular basis, either alone or with their families. The passengers take a bus to reach Cox’s Bazar. As a result, several bus companies provide AC and non-AC cars on this route.

List of buses from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar :

The bus runs regularly along the Dhaka-Bazar Cox’s route. Dhaka also has a number of bus companies that run a variety of routes. There are various bus terminals in Mirpur, Arambag, Kamalapur, and Motijheel from which to board a bus.

Understanding the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar bus schedule is vital, but so is knowing the bus companies. However, around 20 bus companies operate on the Dhaka-Bazar Cox’s route. As a result, we’ve listed the names of both AC and non-AC buses on this page.

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar AC and Non AC Bus List :

AC Buses Non AC Buses
1. GreenLine Service
2. Ena Transport
3. Unique Poribohon
4. Year 71 Express
5. Shyamoli Transport
6. Desh Travels
7. Royal Coach
8. Shohag Poribohon
9. S Alam Poribohon
10. Saint Martin Poribohon
11. Silk Line Travels
12. Precedence Travels
13. Shanti Poribohon
14. TR Travels
15. Eagle Transport
16. Hanif Enterprise
1. Ena Transport
2. Tuba Line
3. Desh Travels
4. Unique Poribohon
5. Shyamoli Poribohon
6. S Alam Poribohon
7. Royal Coach
8. TR Travels
9. Hanif Enterprise
10. Year 71
11. SI Enterprise
12. Eagle Transport
13. Saint Martin Poribohon

Dhaka to cox’s Bazar bus ticket price

Name of BusTicket Fee BDT (AC)Ticket Fee BDT (Non AC)
Desh Travels7501800
Tuba Line8001450 (Econo), 2000 (Business)
Ena Transport8001200, 1600
Unique Service800
Shyamoli Transport (NR)8001000, 1200, 2000
Shyamoli Transport (SP)8001500 (Econo), 2200 (Business)
Year 718001600
TR Travels8001400 (Econo), 2000 (Business)
Eagle Transport8001500
SI Enterprise800
Hanif Enterprise8002000 (Business)
Royal Coach8001500 (Econo)
Saint Martin8001500 (Econo)
GreenLine1250, 1800, 2000, 2500
Shohag1700 (Regular), 2000 (Exclusive)
Star Line1000
Precedence Travels2500
Shanti Poribohon1000
Silk Line Travels2000

Bus schedules and from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar:

Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar are 415 kilometres apart. Dhaka is around 12 hours distant from Cox’s Bazar. The buses operate at various times throughout the day. The bus operator firm must be contacted for the bus timetable from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.

You must first understand the timetable in order to arrive at Cox’s Bazar. It is necessary to acquire a bus ticket from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. It’s critical to know the location of the Dhaka-Bazar Cox’s bus ticket office so you can get your tickets there. You may, for example, reserve your bus ticket online.

Bus Contact Number Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar :

Since the phone numbers of the bus companies are readily available, you will be able to enquire about the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar bus schedule and ticket rates. As a result, we have provided you with the phone numbers for all bus companies. For further information, you may contact and get the schedule as well as purchase your tickets.

Green Line Poribohon Contact Number

Here are the contact numbers of the bus counters of the Green Line Poribohon

Rajarbag, Dhaka02-9342580, 02-9339623,
Arambag, Dhaka02-7192301, 01730-060009
Norda, Dhaka01730-060098
Badda, Dhaka01970-060074
Abdullahpur, Dhaka01970-060076
Azampur, Dhaka01970-060075
Fakirapul, Dhaka02-7191900, 01730-060013
Cox’s Bazar Bus Terminal01730-060074
Jhautola, Cox’s Bazar0341-62533, 01730-060074
Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar0341-63747, 01970-060070

Desh Travels Contact Number

If you want to go by Desh travel bus, you should contact them to learn more. Here is the counter’s current active number.

Arambag, Dhaka02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436
Fakirapul, Dhaka01762-620932
Mohakhali, Dhaka01705-430566
Azampur, Dhaka01762-685091
Uttara BMS, Dhaka01762-684438
Abdullahpur, Dhaka01762-684432
Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar01768-620936
Chokoria, Cox’s Bazar01985-650479, 01689-840531
Jhautola, Cox’s Bazar0341-63233, 01762-620937

Shohag Poribohon Contact Number

The contact numbers for the bus counters of the Shohag Poribahan buses, as well as the counter locations, are provided in the table below.

Counter NameNumber
Sayedabad, Dhaka01926-699367
Kamlapur, Dhaka01926-696262
Narayanganj, Dhaka01926-699368
Jonopoth, Dhaka01926-699368
Chittagong Road, Dhaka01926-699365
Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar01926-699354
Jhautola, Cox’s Bazar01926-699255

Ena Poribohon Contact Number

The contact numbers of the Ena Poribohon bus counters, as well as their locations, are shown in the table below.

Counter NumberPhone Number
Cox’s Bazar Terminal01878-059206
Jhautola, Cox’s Bazar01878-059202
Eidgah, Cox’s Bazar01878-059208
Ramu, Cox’s Bazar01872-508990
Link road, Cox’s Bazar01878-059207
Long Beach Hotel, Cox’s Bazar01878-059203
See Alif Hotel, Cox’s Bazar01621-499522
Ocean Paradise, Cox’s Bazar01878-059204
Mohakhali, Dhaka01760-737650, 01619-737650, 01869-802725
Dhaka Airport01760-737652, 01869-802726, 01872-604498, 01872-695911
Fokirapul, Dhaka01869-802736, 01872-604475
Abdullahpur, Dhaka01869-802729, 017989-11752, 01610-449903
Badda, Dhaka01869-802735, 01872-604495
Uttara BGB01760-737651, 01869-802728

Saint Martin Poribohon Contact Number

All of the information regarding the Saint Martin Poribohon bus counters, as well as their locations, are included in the table below.

Counter NamePhone Number
Arambag, Dhaka01762-691341, 01762-691339
Fokirapul, Dhaka01762-691350, 01762-691342
Panthopath, Dhaka01762-691364
Kollanpur, Dhaka01762-691353
Chittagong Road, Dhaka01762-691343
Cox’s Bazar01762-691348, 01762-691347
Jhautola, Cox’s Bazar01762-691349
Chokoria, Cox’s Bazar01985-650479, 01689-84053

TR Travels Contact Number

The contact numbers of the Tr Travels bus counters, as well as their locations, are shown below in the chart.

Kallyanpur, Dhaka02-8035964, 02-8031189
Gabtoli, Dhaka02-9004412

Hanif Enterprise Contact Number

The contact numbers and locations of the Hanif Enterprise bus counters on the route Dhaka-Bazar Cox’s are included in the table.

Counter NameContact Number
Kallyanpur, Dhaka02-9010214, 01713-049540, 01713-049541, 01713-049573
Chokoria, Cox’s Bazar01985-650479, 01689-840531
Sugondha Beach, Cox’s Bazar01713-402635, 01713-402651
Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar01713-402653, 01713-402651
Cox’s Bazar01713-402651
Norda, Dhaka01713-049579
Abdullahpur, Dhaka01713-049513
Uttara, Dhaka01713-402672
Kolabagan, Dhaka01730-376342, 01713-402670, 02-8119901
Technical, Dhaka02-9008475, 01713-049541
Gabtoli, Dhaka02-9012902, 02-9008475, 01713-049541
Shyamoli Ring Road, Dhaka01713-402639, 01713-049532
Fokirapul, Dhaka02-7191512
Sayedabad, Dhaka01713-402673
Panthopath, Dhaka01713-402641
Nobinagar, Dhaka01681-29999, 01753-488476
Savar, Dhaka01753-488476, 02-7747788
Arambag, Dhaka01730-376343, 01713-402631, 01713-402632, 01713-402671, 02-7194007


1. How do I get to Cox’s Bazar by train?

Although there is no rail service to Cox’s Bazaar (Bangladesh’s premier beach resort), you may take a train from Dhaka to Chittagong and then a bus from there.

2. Which bus is best for Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar?

The distance between Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar is 390.1 kilometres. Shohoz now offers eight major bus companies on this route. Hanif Enterprise, Shohagh Paribahan, Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd, Saintmartin Travels, Royal Coach, Tuba Line, Soudia Coach Service, and Saintmartin Hyundai are among the operators.


Finally, we believe that after reading this post, you will be able to choose your preferred bus service for going from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. Thank you for coming to our website. You may also look around our website for additional information on other transportation sectors in our nation. Have a wonderful day.

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