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On the internet, we frequently watch kayaking in Bangladesh. That experience, we’re happy to report, has now begun in Bangladesh! Kayaking is becoming increasingly popular. Many people go kayaking to enjoy the exhilaration of floating down the river in a brightly coloured boat.

In our nation, the term “kayak” is not widely used. A kayak is a 10-foot-long watercraft composed of jute fibres, wood, and fibre. It’s propelled by oars. Canada was the first country to adopt kayaking. Kayak tournaments are staged on rivers and at sea across the world. Kayaking, on the other hand, has been introduced in this nation for recreational purposes.

In just five to six minutes, anyone can learn to kayak. Village chiefs like us don’t care about learning how to handle the paddle properly or how to utilize the oars. So don’t be scared to try your hand at becoming a day sailor and experience how much fun kayaking can be.

Kayaking In Bangladesh

Although a few adventure seekers have begun kayaking in the nation, commercial kayaking has only been available for a few months. The kayak has the appearance of a tiny watercraft. However, instead of wood, it is made of other materials. Moulded polythene, wood, thermoform plastic, fibreglass composite, and other materials are often used in other nations, but fibre, jute, and wood are utilized in the kayaks of the ‘Kaptai Kayak Club.’

5 best spot Kayaking In Bangladesh reviews:

Kayaking In Kaptai Lake

Kayaking In Kaptai Lake

There are several kayaking venues and boat clubs in Rangamati to select from. Diversity Tours Kayak Club, Rangamati, Kaptai Kayak Club, Polwell Kayak Club, Polwell Nature Park, Rangamati, and Polwell Kayak Club, Polwell Nature Park are the most well-known kayak clubs in Rangamati.

It is located inside the bounds of the well-known Beranye Lakeshore Cafe, which is a short distance away in the Rangamati Bardam area. To get to this site, there are three options. From the Rangamati’s main entrance. It is a short distance from Bardam Bazar. You may quickly and easily travel to the kayak club by ordering a CNG autorickshaw for $2.50 at the Assambasti taxi station.

Kayaking In Cox’s Bazar

Kayaking is offered for tourists at Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest coastal city, where they may learn how to do it. Thanks to the efforts of three young people who created the firm “Cox Kayaking,” tourists and adventure seekers will be able to try kayaking. On one side, it is flanked by the sea, while on the other, it is surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains. The flow of seawater through the region resulted in the formation of a canal. It has the potential to be a fantastic destination for tourists and environmentalists alike.

The kayaking will take place on the north side of the Rizukhal Bridge, on the Marine Drive, which runs from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. At the end of the road in Cox’s Bazar, there is a Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) checkpoint. They started with three boats, which was more than enough for them. These things are entirely imported and completely safe to use. A life jacket will be provided to everyone who kayaks.

Kayaking In Mahamaya Lake

Kayaking In Mahamaya Lake

Mahamaya Lake is located in Chittagong’s Mirsarai district. It is claimed to be Bangladesh’s second-largest manmade lake. It covers an area of around 11 square kilometres. The beauty and charm of Mahamaya Artificial Lake have enchanted visitors.

Mahamaya Lake is two kilometers east of Thakurdighi Bazar in Durgapur Union No. 8 in Mirsarai Upazila, at the foot of a hill.

The mountain spring is one of the attractions of Mahamaya Lake, which is nestled in the midst of countless little and large hills. The pure water reservoir was wrapped in green cloth on all four sides.

This lake also provides options for canoeing. You may stroll around Mahamaya Lake’s 8-kilometre perimeter. Kayaking will set you back 300 Taka each hour. The cost is 200 Taka for students. The student ID card, however, must be shown.
Kayaking is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. When riding a kayak, you will be given a life jacket, allowing individuals who cannot swim to participate.

Kayaking In Narayanganj Or Dhaka

Kayaking on the Meghna’s banks at Araihazar, Narayanganj, near Dhaka, turned out to be a joyful and adventurous experience. The kayak appears to be a tiny dinghy. In this little boat, one or two people can sit; the kayaks we used were one-person kayaks.

The big sand-carrying trawler swayed with the heavy waves as it passed. It’s difficult to return and realize that the water never stops. When you’ve finished kayaking and are ready to go for Dhaka, you’ll have an exhilarating feeling. Avoid discarding chips, peels, or dirt where it is at Araihazar in Narayanganj since it is fairly clean-cut.

YAS Kayaking Point in Dhaka now provides kayaking at a very reasonable cost. This kayaking spot is located in Green Model Town, one kilometre from the Konapara bus stop in the capital’s Demra district, and adjacent to the Dhaka-Sylhet motorway.

Kayaks for 2-3 persons are available for kayaking. Kayaking will cost 50 Taka for 15 minutes, 100 Taka for 30 minutes, and 150 Taka for an hour. In addition, from 6 to 9 a.m., those over the age of 50 may go kayaking for free for three hours.

Kayaking In Kuakata

Another sport offered in Kuakata is kayaking. Kayaking is growing more and more popular every day. As a consequence, you have complete freedom to use it whenever you choose. It’s fantastic, in my opinion. You may just engage in your boating love anytime you wish, surrounded by natural beauty. A number of tour groups in Kuakata, Bangladesh, have offered the opportunity for visitors to try kayaking for the first time.

Kayaking at the beautiful KUAKATA Lake

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