Top 10 Best Resorts In Bandarban Bangladesh

Some individuals like visiting such sites where they may connect with nature. Bandarban is one such location in Bangladesh where explorers may interact with nature. Bandarban, the Tourists’ Paradise, is gifted with a magnificent vista of snow-capped peaks, amazing lakes, rivers, pine trees, and a luscious forest.
There is a selection of resorts in Bandarban where you may fulfil your need for adventure while staying at nature-friendly resorts for the tourist who would love to embark on an adventure while spending time at Resorts in Bandarban.

Top 10 Best Resorts In Bandarban Reviews:

Nilachol Nilambori Resort

Nilachol Nilambori Resort

Nilachol Tourist Center, about six kilometres from Bandarban district centre, is one of Bandarban’s most popular tourist destinations. The Nilachal tourist centre, which is about 1,600 feet above sea level, has a beautiful view of the Sangu River and the distant city of Bandarban. In addition, you may reach out and touch the clouds at any time of year.

Nilachal Nilambri Resort was created for Nilachal Tourist Center’s overnight stay. The Nilachal Tourist Center is only open until sundown for public travellers, however, Nilachal is always open for resort guests. The Nilachal Nilambri Resort features six couple rooms spread over three cottages. If you wish to save money, you can use the spare bed. Each accommodation at Nilachal Nilambri Resort costs 3000 Taka per month to rent.

Nilgiri Hill Resort

The Nilgiri Resort, located on 2 acres on the eastern outskirts of Nilgiri, is the most popular resort created by the Bangladesh Army in Bandarban. At a height of 2400 feet above sea level, this resort is located 47 kilometres southeast of Bandarban town on the Chimbuk Range. The Nilgiri Resort offers exquisite accommodations, with five cottages that are totally natural landscapes for tourists.

Hill Palace Resorts

This excellent luxury resort is located in Talukdar Para, Bandarban, near Meghla Lake Square. The Hill Palace Resort Bandarban provides comfortable lodging for local and international visitors who want to relax while being surrounded by the natural beauty of Bandarban.

Holiday Inn Resort

The Holiday Inn Resort, which is situated on a hilltop near the Meghla Tourist Complex, is surrounded by small and big hills as well as picturesque natural lakes. Furthermore, this resort in Meghla is easily accessible due to its proximity to Bandarban city.

The Lake View Room, Honeymoon Cottage, and Family Cottage at Holiday Inn Resort cost between Tk 3,500 and Tk 7,500 a night.

Green Peak Resorts

The Green Peak Resort, located in the midst of nature, can be found half a kilometre beyond the Meghla Tourist Complex, 4 kilometres from Bandarban. Green Peak Resort is known for its state-of-the-art, well-equipped air-conditioned accommodations, swimming pool, multicuisine restaurant, and friendly service both domestically and internationally.

The cost of staying at this resort, which is suitable for spending time in the beautiful green lap, ranges from Tk. 3,500 to Tk. 5,500 per night.

 Bono Nibash Hill Resort

Amazing On the Bandarban-Thanchi Road, the Bon Nibas Hill Resort is located near Milon Chhari. Bon Nibas Hill Resort is about 3 kilometres away from Bandarban town.

You must spend Tk. 2,500 to Tk. 6,000 per night to rent a room from the categories of Bambo, Dhanesh, Jonaki, Mathura, Monpura, Nibas, Nauko Deluxe, and Nauko of Forest Nibas Hill Resort.

Hotel River View

Assume you’re eating breakfast on the banks of the Sangu River. And taking in the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Yes, if you come to Bandarban and stay at The Riverview hotel, your fantasy may come true. This breathtaking hotel is located on the banks of the Sangu River. Bandarban is the ideal location from which to go on a forest adventure in Bandarban and then return to opulent comfort and immaculate surroundings.

Forest Hill Resor

For a Thrilling Tour, Forest Hill Resort Bandarban resorts are genuinely unique and exotic, nestled in natural greenery and offering you the opportunity to stay in luxury in a natural setting. This resort is ideal for further trekking and safari activities. Forest Hill Bandarban resort is an excellent alternative for indigenous tastes. Major Noung Chow Mong, the owner of this exquisite resort, did everything he could to make the travellers feel welcome.

Fanush Resort Bandarban

The Fanush resort Bandarban nilachal road is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Bandarban, with a garden, a restaurant, and a view of the hills. This rustic resort is one of the most attractive resorts in Bandarban. It is both eco-friendly and elegant, and it is quite popular with nature enthusiasts.

Venus Resort and Coffee House, Bandarban

Venus Resort has five modern cottages on the top of the hill, near Bandarban’s foggy tourist area. The resort is embellished with a variety of sculptures, both huge and tiny, that serve as a sign of art and creativity in the middle of the breathtaking scenery. In addition, the Venus Resort restaurant offers a wide choice of local and international cuisine.

Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Couple Bed, Suite Room, Twin Bed (AC Cottage), Cottage Suite, and more types are available at Venus Resort. You must spend Tk. 3800 to Tk. 15000 to book any of these categories.

Most Popular Hotels, Motels And Resorts Bandarban

  • Bandarban Hill District Council
  • Circuit House, Bandarban
  • Hotel Three Star
  • Hotel Purabi
  • Hotel Hill Bird
  • Hotel Atithi, Bandarban Sadar
  • Hotel Bilkis, Bandarban Bazar
  • Hotel Lohagara, Bandarbon
  • Royel Hotel, Moddhom Para, Bandarban Sadar
  • Paharika Guest House, Hafejghona, Bandarban
  • Sarwar Boarding, Bandarban Sadar
  • Hero Boarding, Bandarban
  • Kamal Boarding, Bandarban
  • Hotel Azmir, Bandarban
  • Momtaj Boarding, Bandarban
  • Al-amin Boarding, Bandarban
  • Habib Boarding, Bandarban
  • Shaon Boarding
  • Parbat Boarding
  • Raju Boarding

Top 10 Resorts in Bandarban, Bangladesh


Where to stay in Bandarban?

Nilambori Resort is a terrific spot to stay, according to our visitors. Breakfast is provided free of charge, and there is a restaurant on site. Fanush Resort and Bono Nibash Hill Resort are both excellent options.

Will I be refunded if I cancel my Bandarban hotel reservation?

Yes! If you cancel your hotel reservation within 24-48 hours of arrival, you will receive a full refund. Reservations that are non-refundable can be cancelled and reimbursed within 24 hours of booking. Go to the hotel’s website and click “Free Cancellation” to cancel your reservation. You may also check out Bandarban’s top hotels.

Why stay in Bandarban?

Lake, mountain, and temple vistas are one of Bandarban’s attractions. Local tours are also available to visitors. There are 7 hotels and other accommodation options in Bandarban.

What are the best Nilgiri hotels?

Popular hotels near the Nilgiri Mountains include Albatross Resort, Hotel Media International, and Iqra Beach Resort. Hotels in the vicinity of the Nilgiri Mountains.


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